Dual Blade Package Opener Single Unit, OpenX, OX-102

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  • PULL -- the retractable piercing blade to make a starting cut in a package, then...
  • PUSH -- the OpenX slicer forward in the starting cut and your packages open like magic!
Are you tired of struggling to open tough plastic blister packs? Risking your hands and fingers every time your scissors or knife blade slips? The amazing OpenX package knife zips those packages open with ease without risking life and limb to do it.
  • Perfect for plastic blister packs, shipping boxes, CD & DVD wrappers, pill bottles and more!
  • Retractable piercing blade
  • Recessed slide blade
  • Easy, fast and much safer than scissors or knives
  • Rugged, durable plastic construction
  • Recessed and retractable blades are safe for storage