IOGEAR Wireless 5x2 HDMI HD Matrix GWHDMS52

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Now every TV input can be swapped between two TVs whenever you want. Just plug in up to five audio/video cables--from your cable box, game console, disc player or computer--into the 5x2 Matrix. It delivers one source to the closer TV by HDMI cable and then wirelessly sends a second source to another HDMI TV up to 100 feet away. Either TV can use any source... and you can use all your remotes at either station too. With a base station wireless transmitter and a satellite wireless receiver, it's easy to get a signal at that second TV, and it can even pass through walls. Includes transmitter, receiver, two remote controls with batteries, a component adapter cable, an infrared receiver and an infrared transmitter, 2 AC adapters and an HDMI cable.
  • Delivers separate content to two locations at the same time
  • Wirelessly sends full HDMI video, uncompressed
  • Operate a connected computer remotely with USB ports